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METI School | The 'Handmade' School by Anna Heringer & Eike Roswag in critical lens
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Architect Anna Heringer came to ‘Discourse’ last year after an invitation from Architect Nurur Rahman Khan, it was held in the Open Studio of the University of Asia Pacific. She gave a lecture on her then recently finished METI School (Handmade School) project in Rudrapur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. She also presented some other projects built with mud and wood. Architect [read more]
Jalal Ahmed: Scholastica School
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SCHOLASTICA SCHOOL,Dhaka (1997-2000)Designed by: JAA (Architect Jalal Ahmed)The project was for one of the leading English medium school at Dhaka. The school was functioning in several scattered residential houses until last year. The newly constructed building complex at Uttara houses class five to A level classes. Due to limited size (1 acre approximately) of the site and large [read more]
Jo Coenen: Netherlands Architecture Institute
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Yet the examples of impressive institute buildings of architects are rare. The Netherlands Architects Insitute is one good example of this kind.The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) is more than a museum of architecture. It is a above all a cultural institute which is open to the public and which uses a variety of methods for communicating about the shaping [read more]
I. M. Pei
Works of I. M. Pei
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Compilation of works by I. M. Pei. Now available: |Renovation of Lo[...]
RENOVATION OF LOUVRE Information Contributor: Tauheed Location: Paris, France Architect: I M Pei For all the architect's insistence on the origins of the pyramid solution in Le Notre, it was vintage Pei. In fact, variations on the forte had been with him since the early schemes for the kennedy Library. which was to have included a truncated version. It had all the qualities that [read more]
Norman Foster
Works of Sir Norman Foster
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Compilation of works by Sir Norman Foster. Now available: |HSBC- Hong[...]
HONG KONG & SHANGHAI BANKING HEADQUARTERS Information Contributor: Tauheed Location: Hong Kong, China Architect: Norman Foster & Partners Structural Engineers: Ove Arup & Partners Engineers Completion:1985 Height:180 m (590 ft) Urban context The Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank is located on one of the most splendid sites in Hong Kong's business centre and stands in a direct line with the Star Ferry Terminal. Between the bank and the harbour, there is [read more]
Le Corbusier
Works of Le Corbusier
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Now available: |house of Dr. Currutchet at La Plata|
The house occupies a site surrounded on three sides by walls and facing onto and avenue. In front there is a fine boulevard and a green park. In the first place the house must be orientated to ensure a view over the park, and to this end a terrace forming a hanging garden has been made, which allows the benefits [read more]