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A Students' Report on High-rise Buildings
Description This sheet was presented in the design studio when we (11 th batch of Architecture Dept. of UAP) were in 3.2. Architect Arman Choudhury was our studio teacher then.
This presentation sheet comprises almost all the basic information of high-rise building designing and high-rise structures. There are also elaborate case studies on BEL Tower (Nahas Ahmed Khalil, Dhaka), HSBC Building (Sir Norman Foster, Hong-Kong), USX Tower. It will be a very helpful paper-back for them who are working with high-rise building in university design studio.
File type: A large presentation sheet of a report on high-rise as jpg in zip file.
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Date Wednesday 01 August 2007 - 05:40:17
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  • rishi
    04 Jul : 15:48
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    hey..thanx for this info .. m a new member nd i'd like to know about high rise apartments as i need to design one as a project in my university..suggestions would be of great help.thank you.
  • AyBey
    23 Nov : 07:37
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    thanks..this was a lot of help.
  • morsalin
    01 Aug : 22:10
    Reply to this
    thanks a lot

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