Sydney Opera House CAD
Description This building doesn't need any introduction. This masterpiece by Jørn Utzon has become the national icon of a country or the city since it was erected. The construction of this building started in March 1959 and the three phase construction process was finished in October 1973.

This building is a multi-venue performing arts center in the Australian city of Sydney.
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[The zip package contains two AutoCAD files one scaled in mm another in inch. The CAD drawings are regenerated from available originals, however accuracy is not guaranteed and these files shouldn't be used as a point of reference.
CAD files of famous buildings are shared in ArchSociety merely for helping academics for studying, model making purposes.]

(Image courtesy: 'Mfield' shared under CC 3.0)
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Date Saturday 22 October 2011 - 10:17:35
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  • JustinDempsey
    09 Nov : 12:41
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  • rubelraf
    10 Jan : 18:47
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    This file is downloading fine.
    what seems to be the problem?

    P.S : you have to remain logged in if you want to download anything from the download section.
  • admin
    13 Jan : 10:42
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    No we right now don't have it, if you find one please donate it We post with proper credit information under CC 3.0 License.

    Although you may download a Sketchup model from the Google 3D Warehouse and convert into a DWG using Google Sketchup Pro software. Here is a link to one of the 3D models of Sydney Opera House available for free to download at the 3D Warehouse:
  • arnika
    10 Jan : 16:21
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    Why not I can download the cad file?whats the problem???
  • gujjula
    12 Jan : 19:22
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    Don't u have 3d view of opera house in .dwg extension

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