ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY going to be started

on Sunday 31 July 2005 - 06:24:09 | by e107
At last it is on.
It is the outcome of our long waited dream of a architecture portal from Bangladesh.

This will be the place where all the students of different architecture school and professional architects will meet together, share their ideas, help each other and make a strong community of architecture.

Any student of architecture or architect, interior designer, urban designer, landscape designer from anywhere in the world can join ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY
And off-course, not only the students and professionals anyone who is interested in architecture can join here.

Will try to become a sufficient place of data related to all the aspects of architecture education. And the information asset will be developed by everyone’s contribution. Whatever the information you have about architecture you just post it to ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY, the team of ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY will take care of it.

Take help, give help and share your ideas in the discussion forum. Every architect knows discussion is very important for architecture!

So, ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY is at your service, develop it as you want it.

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  • chavesarlene4
    10 Apr : 06:56
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    Ask for help, offer help, and contribute to the conversation by posting your thoughts in the forum. Every architect is aware that conversation is an extremely crucial part of the architectural process. Fort Mcmurray Roof Repairs

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