Think tall! eVolo Skyscraper Design Competition 2011 launched

on Sunday 22 August 2010 - 23:00:03 | by admin
eVolo logoSince last couple of years eVolo has become one of the main center of interests to tall building lovers. From a design competition at the beginning now it has become a prolific magazine that gives the picture of the future of vertical urban density.

eVolo Skyscraper Design Competition 2011 has been launched recently. Addressing the growing necessity of tremendous  urban density yet a vision to create a sustainable solution towards the energy consumption of tall structure may become the target of every designer thinking of taller and bigger. And no other than the eVolo competition is a perfect place to let your brain think 'tall' think sustainable and think different to help solve many crises through one solution.

Here are the key information about the competition:
Early registration deadline: November 16th 2010
Submission deadline: January 18th 2011
Early registration fees: 65$
Individual or team registration is accepted separate registration for each project submitted.
See details at: Competition Website.

Take a look at few of the images of 2010 eVolo winners:
Vertical Prison: 1st prize: eVolo 2010 winner
Vertical Prison: 1st prize winner: (View details)

2nd prize winner eVolo 2010
Water Purification Skyscraper in Jakarta: 2nd prize winner (view details)

3rd prize winner eVolo 2010
Nested Skyscraper in Tokyo: 3rd prize winner (view details)

(All images are shared after CC non- commercial -attribution license, licensed to eVolo. The eVolo logo is used just to tag the news item)
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