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Thursday 09 July 2009

Daniel Libeskind in

on Thursday 09 July 2009 - 06:36:43 | by NEO

[Visit, comment, download this talk at HERE]

I watched this talk live at TED 2009 in Long Beach in February. And I talked with Daniel Libeskind after his presentation during a coffee break. I told him the same thing I wrote in the comment to this talk:
“There is no greatness in making things 'deliberately complex'! Architecture is not a matter of one’s self ego. An architect can’t afford to say something like.. "I love to do complex things. So I made it complex!” When one can deal with complex overlapping issues with simple solutions then why to make it complex?
The intention of architecture can never be creating complex spaces. Complexity should evolve from the idea, visions and purpose of the spaces. The spaces should tell their stories from 'inside out' of the building how they are participating with activities, culture, people and the climate. I read no stories looking at a building from outside as a spectator of a sculpture. Architecture is not a thing to "see" and read the story of it. Architecture is to be experienced. "Deliberate complexity of forms" has nothing to do with phenomena, purpose and context of a space.”

He replied something like this:
Architecture is also an exercise of radical geometry and technology. Why do architects cannot work with new technologies and new radical approaches towards design? One can question the way we see architecture today. Our life is complex; it deals with beauty and ugliness, calmness and disturbance… architecture can go beyond the typically simple aesthetically cool way of doing things.

(I wrote it from memory. I had no voice recorder, so please don’t take it as an absolute ‘reference’ anyway).

Monday 25 May 2009

The Large event comes back: World Architecture Festival 2009: Award entry is open

on Monday 25 May 2009 - 12:52:15 | by admin
World Architecture Festival 2009 logoThe World Architecture Festival 2009
The 2008 World Architecture Festival in Barcelona was a big success. In the award program 720 projects were submitted from 63 countries. And it became the largest gathering of architects, potential clients and construction material suppliers of the year. This event is coming ahead as a potential platform of connection and exposure at a truly global mood.
This year the 3 days long event will be held in Barcelona from November 4 to 6. The festival will highlight the international nature of today’s architecture comprising one of the largest international award program for architects worldwide comprising 100+ different categories of works.
This mega festival will also be celebrating the regional roots of architecture from all around the world. Besides the award program the festival will also include:
__ thematic exhibition, ‘Less Does More’
__ live ideas charrette for architecture schools
__ architect-nominated product showcase
__ city tours and social events
__ networking

This year 3 new categories have been introduced for the award program. Its a timely and necessary addition indeed:
1. Future Projects  2. Structural Design  3. Interiors & Fit-out
Projects only which have been completed between 1 January 2008 and 26 June 2009 will be eligible.

The Schedule:
Award Entry deadline: 26th June 2009
Shortlist notified: Early August 2009
Winners selected live at the Festival: November 4-6 2009, Shortlisted architects present their work to live juries and audiences,
competing against each other to become category winners
Category winners presentation: November 6, 2009

Get every details here:
ArchSociety will be keeping you updated about this event as well. All eligible architects are encouraged to participate in this prestigious award program and the mega event.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Sponsored Study visit to the 2008 WHA winning project in USA

on Thursday 23 April 2009 - 10:20:15 | by admin
The World Habitat Award of UN and BSHF organize study visits every year to the award winning projects of the previous year. In 2009 WHA calls for application to get the chance to the 'Champlain Housing Trust : Community Land Trust Innovation' project in the United States of America, winner of the 2008 World Habitat Award.
The intension of the visit is to 'transfer' the knowledge, ideas and technics of the design and policies of the award winning project to potential professional and organizations.
The visit is dates as: 13th - 19th September 2009
Application deadline: 5th June 2009
Travel and accomodation cost will be provided by the BSHF authority.
Click HERE to know more. Click HERE to apply.

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