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Lecture on Corbusier's Works by N.R Khan & Discussion with Shamsul Wares
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Topic: Beyond Form: Le Corbusier's Villa Sarabhai and Mill Owners' Association Building & philosophies behind works

This is the total recorded session of Discourse held on 26th July 2007 a lecture by Architect N. R. Khan (Jumu) and a discussion with Architect Shamsul Wares at the end of the lecture.
It was entitled as "Beyond Form: Le Corbusier's Works". N. R. Khan gave this speech after a visit to two of Corbu's master pieces Villa Sarabhai and the Mill Owners' Association Building at Ahmedabad, India. Here he explains some in depth philosophies behind these works of Corbusier with extensive slides of photographs of these buildings.
As usual many Discourse participants, students and architects were present in the session. At the end of the lecture there's a critical discussion by Professor Architect Shamsul Wares on these works of Corbusier.
This discussion session was in mixed language in Bengali and English.
A worth to listen lecture which may change your vision towards what contemporary architecture should be....
See the original Discourse notice of this event:
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