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Building Construction Act RAJUK 2008 (language: Bangali)
Description The new Building Construction Act ঢাকা মহানগর ইমারত (নির্মাণ, উন্নয়ন, সংরক্ষণ ও অপসারণ) বিধিমালা, ২০০৮ (Dhaka Mohanagar Imarot Nirman Bidhimala, 2008) published on May 29, 2008 as the Bangladesh Gazette by the Ministry of Housing of Govt. of Bangladesh.
Complete e-book in .doc format. Required fonts are attached.
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  • NEO
    15 Nov : 12:08
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    I guess there's no English version of this book in ArchSociety's collection. But if you get one please donate it for downloading.
  • exceptions
    10 Nov : 05:02
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    Can we have it in English plz
  • aliza
    20 Dec : 14:50
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  • admin
    12 Sep : 08:00
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    We should say we'll gather more resources for others. Not just to take from archsociety... but to give in back also...
  • grid
    27 Aug : 04:16
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    nothing to say abt it. excellent in one word. we want more resource.

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