Trimo Urban Crash students architecture competition 2011

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Trimo Urban Crash CompetitionFrom last couple of years Trimo Urban Crash international students design competition challenges students of design and architecture to create a solution for an original urban construction. The competition is open to any undergraduate or diploma student of architecture, urban design or related disciplines from any country around the world.

The winning project will be built by Trimo in a residential district of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city. The winner will also receive a scholarship for the prestigious London School of Architecture, and all finalists will be able to participate in an architectural workshop to be held in Slovenia.

The previous competition, run 2008/2009 attracted nearly 150 submissions from 17 countries. The winner, from Polish students, was a cultural stage, with characteristics of an urban sculpture.

The Task:
This year's theme is: The Life Stand - an architectural installation which is more than a tribune for watching games or events. It is a point of interaction and inspiration for inhabitants and visitors of all ages, interests and social standing, and simultaneously offering an answer to complex architectural and social questions common to many European urban residential areas with its original and well-thought out approach. You can submit a project for realization or approach the subject more theoretically or experimentally with a conceptual solution.

More details about the competition and the site is available in the competition website:
Trimo Urban Crash Competition website.

Submission Deadline: 31st January 2011
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