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on Tuesday 09 October 2012 - 19:03:50 | by T Z H
Metropolis mag design competition 2012 Metropolis, the renowned magazine of Architecture & Design has announced its 9th annual design competition. This prestigious event trails back to 2003 with a view to promote environmental activism, social involvement, and entrepreneurship in young designers. This year they have challenged the designers to develop solutions that empower, advance, and include the groups that are often overlooked in the design process. For example take our rapidly increasing aging population and citizens with disabilities. The form is up to the applicants, considering how people are becoming attached to technologies and what devices, materials, and modes of transportation will stay relevant 20 years from now. Keep in mind what other groups will benefit from the design.  

Empower with inclusive design

It’s hard to think about 1.13 billion people’s unique problems and solutions, and to make it easy for the designers, you can consider your mom, your dad, your uncle or aunt, your friend, your kid brother or sister, your grandparents, any of your relations with special needs. The proposals should also respect the core values of good design—incorporating systems thinking, sustainability, accessibility, materials exploration, historic relevance, and technology—while forwarding our thinking on what designers can accomplish.  

  The competition is open to any Designer and Architect in practice for 10 years or less, as well as design students. Collaboration between inter disciplinary personals like architecture, urban planning, landscape design, interior design, product design, and graphic design are encouraged. The entry fee is $75 for each submission. Up to three submissions will be accepted from an individual or team of collaborators. A separate application and entry fee is required for each project submitted.  

Deadlines  All entries must be submitted by February 18, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  

The $10,000 prize is intended to support designers whose entries reflect considerations of inclusive design, systems thinking, sustainability, materials exploration, progressive technologies, function, and provocative form. 
For more information visit the Competition Site.
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