ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY Delares a partnership collaboration with the Discourse98

on Thursday 22 September 2005 - 13:29:13 | by admin
ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY is declaring it’s partnership collaboration with the Discourse98 to go on the journey of creating a strong community of architecture students and architects on the web.

Discourse98 is a non-profit organization founded and being maintained by Tania Karim- N. R. Khan & Architects. Discourse98 arranges weekly gathering and discussion on different aspects of contemporary architecture with the architects and architecture students of Dhaka. Discourse98 maintains a membership system and anyone can join there, interested persons just have to send an email to discourse98© writing his/her particulars (personal, academic or professional information).

An official website of Discourse98 is coming soon. And ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY is going to develop and maintain it. ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY also declares members and contribution sharing with Discourse98.
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