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Sunday 19 July 2009

Architectural Film Show at AIUB Architecture School

on Sunday 19 July 2009 - 18:26:02 | by admin
Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth & ModernismAs part of the regular film show in the Department of Architecture of AIUB in Dhaka is going to show the documentary by BBC "Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth & Modernism" tomorrow (21st July) from 18:00 to 19:00 at the university auditorium. The documentary is directed by Paul Tilzey, released in 2005.
Everyone is invited.
Contacts: Phone: +880447600367, 8802-9885907, 8802-8815387 extn 781
Address: House 23, Road 17, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

The (Internet Movie Database) review says about this documentary:
"I would have expected the BBC to do a better job of introducing people to Wright. The interviews with Meryle Secrest (whose biography of FLW turned me into a fan), Ada Louise Huxtable and his grandson Eric Lloyd Wright were worthwhile, as were the home movies and the TV interviews (the voice off-camera in the interview near the end is that of Mike Wallace). But framing the thing around the 1914 murders at Taliesin, making it sound like the defining event of his life (it wasn't), and then revisiting the tragedy two-thirds of the way through, came off as lurid and exploitative. They gloss over his Prairie houses and, worse, virtually ignore the Usonian houses that made up at least half of his body of work. It came off mostly as a by-the-numbers caricature that could have done a better job with both the praise and the criticism"

Those who are going to watch this movie tomorrow are welcomed to write their reviews in comments to this newspost.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

ArchiTEXT asks one great question: What has architecture done for you lately?

on Wednesday 13 May 2009 - 12:18:19 | by NEO
what has architecture done for you lately | ArchiTEXT | Zahra Ebrahim

(Exhibition at Design Exchange, Toronto, Till 31st May, 2009, Entry Fee: $5)

During my trip to the TED Conferencce 2009 in Long Beach I also visited Toronto. And the renowned architecture citric Lisa Rochon took me to the Design Exchange in the historic stock exchange building of Toronto to meet Zahra Ebrahim. Undoubtedly Zahra was the most enthusiastic and energetic person I met during my trip to Canada. She is working as the ‘Innovator in Residence’ in Design Exchange and the CEO of the ArchiTEXT. At that time in mid February Zahra was telling me about the mission of spreading the essences of intersections of architecture with other disciplines and contexts.
And on that journey of upholding the spirit of architecture to the people of various folds of society Zahra’s ArchiTEXT arranges an exhibition cum research in their ‘laboratory’ of Design Exchange. Hmm they call it ‘laboratory’. It is an experimental venture of taking architecture to a new dimension in the society. ArchiTEXT is questioning “what has architecture done for ‘us’ lately” in a critical way. The ‘search’ for ‘new audiences’ is somewhat the same venture I personally was thinking of for long. What architecture really has done for the mass people of the world? Is architecture really doing something so great as we (the architects) anticipate or believe? Are we (architects) setting our priorities of design as per ‘what the architecture is doing so far for the people lately’? Most often the answer is NO. We are often so sunk either in the fallacy of form or the fallacy of so called sustainability and ‘green products’ or sometimes the indigestible hardcore philosophies. How the ‘people’ is being benefited at the end, what they do feel? Do we really know? Do we really care or at least think of?

zahra ebrahim | what has architecture done for you lately | ArchiTEXT | Design Exchange
Let’s go through what Zahra says about the exhibition:
“What you are about to experience is not what you are expecting. You are not delving deep into research, you are not going to find the answer to the question: What Has Architecture Done For You Lately?, and you are not going to be a passive observer. At archiTEXT, we are exploring new methods of research, and in the pursuit of the answer to this question, we have mobilized the museum as a laboratory, a space for dialogue, a place to fill in the negative space, a place to find answers to questions. What you will find is a marriage of installation art, of conceptual art, of open-ended questions designed to provoke thoughts, reactions, and heighten your curiosity. Our hypothesis is that the combination of non-traditional mechanisms of research will help us access new audiences – audiences that have not yet been engaged with architecture.”

Zahra Ebrahim | Totonto | what has architecture done for you lately | ArchiTEXT | Design Exchange

Hopefully this exhibition is going to travel 33 more countries soon with its unique experiments and surveys. Those who are near Toronto within this month (May, 2009) don’t even think of missing this remarkable event at the Design Exchange.

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Exhibition of Bangladeshi Architecture in Sydney

on Wednesday 16 July 2008 - 10:46:08 | by admin
The Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and Bangladeshi Architects in Australia (BAA) is jointly organizing a seminar and architectural exhibition titled “Architectural Excellence in Bangladesh”. The exhibition has also been accepted as a part of “Sydney Design Festival 2008”.

The exhibition will present selected architectural works completed in Bangladesh by International and Bangladeshi architects as well as works by contemporary architects practicing in Bangladesh. The exhibition will also include selected works by Architects and Architectural students of Bangladeshi origin now living in Australia.

The primary purpose of this seminar and exhibition is to introduce the excellent continuation of architectural heritage in Bangladesh and the influence of western architecture in contemporary professional practice. The talk will highlight evolution of Bengal Architecture from early 8th century to contemporary Architecture and the contributions of International Architects in the modern architectural development in Bangladesh.

The RAIA & BAA invites everyone to join in this unique occasion.
Many of renowned Bangladeshi architects may attend the event, few of the names still could heard from the organizer are: Shamsul Wares, Rafiq Azam, Enamul Karim Nirhar, Mustofa Khalid Polash, Patrick D Rojario, IAB President Mubasshar Hussain and possibly Nurur Rahman Khan.

Venue: Tusculum auditorium
3 Manning Street, Potts Point, Sydney, NSW2011

Date: Tuesday 12August 2008
Time: 6:30pm for 7:00pm start

Call for Projects from Selected Architecture Firms in Bangladesh:
For this exhibition purpose the organizer authority has already contacted selected architecture firms in Bangladesh to submit their projects in digital format. This is to inform all the firms who have got the invitation,
From now Tanya Karim N. R. Khan & Associates is working on the coordination of project collection and submission process. All the invited firms are requested to submit their projects by 20th July at
TKNRK office
Tanya Karim N.R. Khan & Associates,
House No.: 24 (1st floor), Road: 9A,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 8119549, +88 02 9142487
FAX: +88 02 9131835

All contacts should be made regarding this event to
Data Collection Coordinator:
Architect M. Tauheed, Contact: +88 01711013557

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